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About AskASalesPro.com

AskASalesPro.com is not selling you anything.  We are simply a group of veteran sales professionals (minimum of fifteen years of professional selling to join our team) who enjoy sharing our experience, knowledge, and success with others who are starting out in the business world or with sales veterans who want an outsider to be a sounding board for a new tactic or strategy.  Our staff, collectively, have worldwide experience in  direct sales, channel sales, oem sales, and sales management (from Supervisor to Senior Vice President levels) -- you name it, we’ve been there and done it.  Our staff has sold everything from low end commodity products to million dollar high tech products and services.  And, most important, we are all still active sales professionals today.

We found it frustrating to steer friends and acquaintances to the Web for helpful sales information and have them only find sites that provide sales people with bland, generic sales content and then try to sell them consulting or books or software or whatever the latest sales scheme involves.  We knew it could be done better and that’s why we have set up this site to answer your specific questions when you need them answered.

Once you submit a question, we will route it to the professional on  our staff that has the most relevant experience and knowledge for your problem.  It may take up to 48 hours to get back to you (hey, we are all still active sales professionals, you know) so please plan accordingly.  But go ahead and ask whatever sales-related questions you want (see the Rules section first) and be prepared for the blunt, no holds barred replies that you will get from serious professionals.  We hope that you enjoy receiving this service as much as we do providing it!


































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